Ryan Giggs'den bir Istanbul Hatirasi

"being ready for what they're going to throw at you, sometimes literally, is crucial if you're to succeed in europe. galatasaray had the worst fans. when we played them in the champions league 1993, two or three thousand fans were waiting for us at the airport, two days before the game, late on in the evening, with "welcome to hell" banners. their reaction is so fiery, and it's hard to deal with because you don't feel safe, even at the hotel. the galatasaray supporters were ringing rooms and threatening us with this, that and the other. I was rooming with paul ince and he started swearing at them. i was thinking "what are you doing?" they started beeping their car horns outside the hotel and letting off sirens. it was a nightmare, but you've got to expect it.it's similar in greece because the olimpiakos and panathinaikos fans are fanatical. they throw flares onto the pitch, which isn't something you see in the premiership. the manager always briefs us on what to expect from the fans abroad, but the only way to get used to it is through experience. i was 18 when we played that galatasaray game, so I was forced to learn quickly. after that atmosphere, it all seemed easy. it couldn't get any worse that that, and now I actually relish playing in hostile areas."

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